Love & the Lack Thereof


1. If our love happened now instead of then,

Maybe we would have made it

2. I wish you had never asked me to stay

Because it’s been 1093 days since then

And I still think about what life would be like

If I had said yes

3. I wanted to love you so badly

But not as badly as I wanted to love myself

4. I’m scared to meet someone new

To hold another hand

And hate that it’s not yours

5. Remember when I broke something expensive

And freaked out about it even though it wasn’t a big deal?

While I sat in the corner and cried like a baby,

You were in the other room fixing it

Even though you were late for your appointment.

I’ll never understand why you put up with all my nonsense,

But know that I loved you for it

So, so much.

– a.s.


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