tell me a little bit about yourself

I have been born from the dreams of those who came before me;
Conceived from the hopes of attaining something more than the endless cycle of unfinished dreams;
of complacency and disappointment.
I was cradled by the arms of those who laboured in the sun
and rain;
calloused but still sensitive to my own pain and occasionally wrap me in an embrace.
I consist of an endless palette of colourful experiences-
vibrant shades to celebrate the times of joy and victory,
dark hues to commemorate the many times I overcame.
I am made of stardust; reminding me that there is no limit, not even the sky, but also keeping me grounded- that I am but dust and will return to dust one day.
Ambition pulsates through my veins; I am fuelled by the burning desire to fulfill my purpose; the dreams implanted within me even before I was formed.
This is why I cannot give in to mediocrity: to do so would be to undo myself.
I can’t contain it; there’s too much bottled in.
It burns me,
The sensation;
It makes me want to

– c.g.


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