Love & the Lack Thereof

I hope you find what you’re looking for

And maybe five or ten years from now

When we meet again

I’ll ask if you’re happy

And it won’t hurt

When you say


– a.s.


From the Father

When the hope that once held you together is lost

When your heavy heart drags you to the floor

When the fear that you’ve been fearing claws its way in

And the devil laughs in your ear

Know that I am there

Through every trial

Through every tear

My hand holds yours always

Don’t let go

– a.s.

Love & the Lack Thereof


1. If our love happened now instead of then,

Maybe we would have made it

2. I wish you had never asked me to stay

Because it’s been 1093 days since then

And I still think about what life would be like

If I had said yes

3. I wanted to love you so badly

But not as badly as I wanted to love myself

4. I’m scared to meet someone new

To hold another hand

And hate that it’s not yours

5. Remember when I broke something expensive

And freaked out about it even though it wasn’t a big deal?

While I sat in the corner and cried like a baby,

You were in the other room fixing it

Even though you were late for your appointment.

I’ll never understand why you put up with all my nonsense,

But know that I loved you for it

So, so much.

– a.s.