Love & the Lack Thereof


Whenever I look at you,

all that I can see

is everything we aren’t,

and everything we could’ve been.


— n.d.

Love & the Lack Thereof


One day

My professor put up a very

Very, very, very,

Very small number on the board

Ten to the power of…

Negative one trillion

(Or something like that)

I don’t remember the details

But his point was

The likelihood of a multiverse

Is very very small

As small as that number on the board

Smaller than we can comprehend


Not sure how true this is

And I don’t know what I believe

Or if I really care

But I do know that sometimes

I think about us in another universe

Another world completely

A world where she doesn’t exist

A world without rules

A world where I can say “I love you”

And you say it back

Without fear

Without consequence

Without a “but”


In this universe

You pick me up in the morning

With coffee, of course

You have my breakfast order memorized

(Because you know I’m just too busy to ever make it at home)

You hold my hand and we drive

And everything is beautiful —

The sun,

The sky,

The drive,



In this universe

We don’t know what it’s like

To not be allowed to love

We will never have to deal with

The pain of being told

Our love doesn’t make sense


In this universe,

The “what if’s”

Don’t stand a chance against

“What is”



In this world

In our reality

In our “now”

In our one known universe

We are forced to live in

I tell you I love you

I tell you you’re it

I tell you that before you

Nothing made sense

And after you

Nothing made sense

But with you

I sang songs

I dreamed dreams

I learned to love the parts

Of me that you adored

The parts

I used to hide


You say

“I know

I love you too


– a.s.


Love & the Lack Thereof

A Collection of Heartbroken Limericks: Part Two


I once gave my heart to a boy
Who played with and used it like a toy
Then away me he threw
When he found someone new
Now gone is all of my joy


Maybe I was wrong about you
Maybe your love was never true
There’s a feeling I can’t shake
That all your affections were fake
Maybe I just never got the clue


I made you the centre of my life
And you stabbed me in the back with a knife
Gave you my whole heart
But you ripped it apart
Now all that’s left is resentment and strife


All I’ve ever wanted was you
But you’re happy with somebody new
She’ll never be me
You’re fooling yourself, can’t you see?
She’ll never love you like I do


What were you thinking when you walked out the door?
Was I not enough for you? Did you want more?
Did you really love me or did you keep me for comfort?
How could you throw everything we had in the dirt?
When did you realize you didn’t need me anymore?



— n.d.


Love & the Lack Thereof

A Collection of Heartbroken Limericks: Part One


I once loved someone very much so
He made me smile when I was feeling low
He was my best friend
Then it came to an end
For reasons I will never know


When I found out you were leaving me
I couldn’t bring myself to eat or sleep
Stayed up night after night
Rivers flowing from my eyes
Drowning in heartbroken misery


How can you say you love me one day,
Then the next decide to go away?
Was your affection untrue?
Did you find someone new?
Why did we fall astray?


What I miss more than anything
Was when we would talk about everything
Staying on the phone all night
From sunset to sunrise
Until our voices faded into nothing


Despite the way we ended so badly
I know at one point you really did love me
We were going so strong
Before it all went wrong
I guess it just wasn’t meant to be


— n.d.



From the Father

When the hope that once held you together is lost

When your heavy heart drags you to the floor

When the fear that you’ve been fearing claws its way in

And the devil laughs in your ear

Know that I am there

Through every trial

Through every tear

My hand holds yours always

Don’t let go

– a.s.