to the Father of the broken-hearted

it hurts.

the wound is small, but the pain is deep,

and I am left hurting in the dark.

I put faith in empty words and temporary feelings,

and when the winds blew,

I did not stand a chance.

but you, O Father of the broken-hearted, know how it feels to be abandoned by those You cared most about.

help me to carry my burden the same way you did- breathe into me the same perseverance and trust You had.

– c.g.


tell me a little bit about yourself

I have been born from the dreams of those who came before me;
Conceived from the hopes of attaining something more than the endless cycle of unfinished dreams;
of complacency and disappointment.
I was cradled by the arms of those who laboured in the sun
and rain;
calloused but still sensitive to my own pain and occasionally wrap me in an embrace.
I consist of an endless palette of colourful experiences-
vibrant shades to celebrate the times of joy and victory,
dark hues to commemorate the many times I overcame.
I am made of stardust; reminding me that there is no limit, not even the sky, but also keeping me grounded- that I am but dust and will return to dust one day.
Ambition pulsates through my veins; I am fuelled by the burning desire to fulfill my purpose; the dreams implanted within me even before I was formed.
This is why I cannot give in to mediocrity: to do so would be to undo myself.
I can’t contain it; there’s too much bottled in.
It burns me,
The sensation;
It makes me want to

– c.g.



deliver me from the desire of being loved

deliver me from the desire of running to the past

and dwelling in it,

and refusing to believe that there is something greater,

waiting for my acceptance.

deliver me from the fear of being preferred less;

of being put aside.

grant me the desire to accept all things with open arms;

to dance in the rain;

to rejoice in the suffering;

and to hope in the uncertain.

– c.g.