Love & the Lack Thereof

Catching Up

I see your face clearly, but I don’t recognize you. Another person has taken your place — someone cold and distant, who doesn’t remember that our love once meant everything before we faded into nothing. I blink my eyes, hoping that your old self will be in front of me when I open them. The version of you that was warm and kind, who I used to talk to until sunrise, the one I thought I’d grow old with. But I realize now that the man I loved died long ago, and nothing I do will bring him back to life.


Love & the Lack Thereof

Closing the Door

You’ve come and gone many times over the years;

always promising change,

then leaving just the same.

I have no idea why I keep letting you in,

when I know you’re just going to walk out.

I keep hoping that one day the man you have the potential to be

will finally come around and love me the way I deserve

But I realize now that he’s never going to show up —

and I am done waiting for someone who doesn’t exist.


Love & the Lack Thereof

To The Shy One

Tell me how your day was, and ask about mine

Make the same story sound different every time

Explain how you got the scars on your hands

Reveal to me all of your hopes, dreams, and plans

I want to know every single thing about you

From your worst memory to your favourite pair of shoes

This is all I want, it’s a simple task

Tear down your walls, let me in — that’s all I ask


— n.d.

Love & the Lack Thereof

No Words

Writing used to be my refuge.

The words would spill out of my mind,

in passionate phrases and lines,

like the rushing rivers from my eyes.

But now every time I pick up my pen,

and try to outline exactly how much you hurt me,

my heart draws a blank.

I can’t conjure up clever rhymes,

or think of eloquent expressions.

There is no beautiful way to say

you broke me.

— n.d.


From the Father

When the hope that once held you together is lost

When your heavy heart drags you to the floor

When the fear that you’ve been fearing claws its way in

And the devil laughs in your ear

Know that I am there

Through every trial

Through every tear

My hand holds yours always

Don’t let go

– a.s.