Love & the Lack Thereof

I hope you find what you’re looking for

And maybe five or ten years from now

When we meet again

I’ll ask if you’re happy

And it won’t hurt

When you say


– a.s.

Love & the Lack Thereof

an ache for a distant place

take me back to the place where we were free,

away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and its rhythm that we struggle to keep up with,

and in sync with the riffs and runs of the trumpets and the saxophones and all the other musicians who called the streets their home.

take me back to the comforts of guided daytrips,

scenic routes,

and lands that have made their mark on history.

take me back to songs sung in spirit of camaraderie,

to when laughter wasn’t scarce.

take me back to the moment you were waiting in the corner

and asked me to dance.

take me back to the six minutes that our two left feet tried to dance

but we were completely immersed in nervousness…and our song.

take me back to youthful innocence.

take me back to the place where we were allowed to sing our song;

take me back to the place that knew we weren’t too young to be in love.

– c.g.


to the Father of the broken-hearted

it hurts.

the wound is small, but the pain is deep,

and I am left hurting in the dark.

I put faith in empty words and temporary feelings,

and when the winds blew,

I did not stand a chance.

but you, O Father of the broken-hearted, know how it feels to be abandoned by those You cared most about.

help me to carry my burden the same way you did- breathe into me the same perseverance and trust You had.

– c.g.